Can I Lose Weight on the HCG Diet if I am Diabetic?

The HCG diet has been working miracles for countless people. They lose weight quickly and then are able to keep the weight off. However, the HCG diet is very strict with very little wiggle room and as a diabetic, you are wondering if you will be able to participate in the diet. After all, the first phase of the diet involves two days of binge eating of high fat foods. The next phase that lasts three or six weeks involves a low calorie diet in which only certain foods can be eaten. After that, phase three involves slowly increasing calories and stabilizing the new weight and then the last phase involves maintaining the weight. As a diabetic though, you wonder if it might be difficult to participate when you are required to keep blood sugar levels normal. However, like many other people with diabetes, it may be difficult to lose weight and you are desperate for answers. So will it be acceptable to try the diet safely? Let’s look into the details.

Before beginning the HCG diet and purchasing any reliable and real HCG drops, it is important to talk to the doctor. They are the experts and will know what is the safest way to eat, follow the four phases, and lose weight while on the diet. The HCG meals might have to be altered a little in order to stay healthy and lose weight at the same time.

The HCG drops will be all right to use while on the HCG diet. They have no effect on the blood sugar. All they are designed to do are reduce hunger and speed weight loss.

The HCG diet phases will have an effect on the blood sugar though. Phase one involves eating high fat and calorie foods. This will raise the blood sugar. When it comes time for phase two on day three, that is when the low calorie diet will begin. Some diets, depending on what HCG drops that are being consumed and the instructions given, only allow for five hundred calories a day. This will lower and stabilize the blood sugar. Phase two also involves low carbohydrates. This allows for the loss of about one pound a day. This should still not cause any worry about blood sugar levels. Eating the right types of fruit that have about twenty to fifty carbs should be able to keep the blood sugar stable at a level that is actually lower than before the diet. Over time, the brain will get used to this new diet and will also burn fat stores.

Most participants on the diet find it is difficult to go back to the unhealthy foods after the diet is over. The unhealthy foods just do not taste good anymore. Healthy food is now all that the body craves. This is a positive for both diabetics and nondiabetics alike.

Many diabetics have found success on the HCG diet, just like everyone else that has participated. The HCG drops should have no effect on the blood sugar. In fact, many people have reported that their blood sugar levels have actually improved and they use less insulin. So if you are a diabetic considering weight loss, talk to your doctor about the HCG diet and see if it is right for you!